Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bet on the West

No, this won't be a grand entry about the clash of civilizations; it will be a much more down-to-earth one about sports gambling. (which is a great website for a true basketball fanatic) has an intriguing item about how to make money gambling on the NBA. Abbott's correspondent details some old (but apparently still good) advice he once got from a colleague:
it takes the east coast about two weeks, during the season, to catch up to what's going on in the west... if you pay attention to west-coast teams, you can make a ton of money betting on them to win or lose, based on very recent trends, because the east just doesn't pay much attention...
Sounds plausible! Once I get some money to play with, I definitely plan to find out if I can consistently come out ahead while betting on the NBA (I'm sure I follow it more closely than most people who bet). Perhaps this will form part of my strategy...


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